Building...Community, Confidence, & Competence
Welcome to Trails to Success

At TRAILS, we believe that every child is doing the best that they can. As neuropsychologists, we realize that many children and adolescents struggle in the social, emotional, and academic arena due to their unique developmental challenges, emotional issues, and learning differences.

Children can learn skills to help them be more successful with their peers, in school, and at home. At TRAILS we utilize expertise from the fields of positive psychology, group therapy, social skill facilitation, and experiential learning to increase social and emotional intelligence.

Our unique model is based on the foundation of a community where a child experiences a sense of belongingness and acceptance. From this safe place, they have more confidence to take risks and learn new skills. Almost invisibly, our clinically trained staff blend our formal social skills curriculum with "real world" fun activities to stimulate growth and learning and foster competence. We partner with parents and teachers to promote generalization of these life skills into the home and school setting.

At TRAILS, we believe that everyone can come out a winner and discover their own trail to happiness and success.

Summer Camp Photo Summer Camp

Summer is a special time for children. You don't have to be a horse lover to love our camp (but it's great if you are!). We have two tracks available where children and teens get to laugh, have fun, and be themselves, all while gaining confidence and learning new social skills.

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School Year Programs Photo School Year Programs

Our after school programs at the ranch utilize fun team based activities to develop skills in teamwork, communication, goal achievement, and emotional regulation.

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Parent Programs Photo Parent Programs

The Trails to Success philosophy is that horses have something very special to offer us: the opportunity to learn new and effective ways of interacting that can extend beyond the barn door and be applied in other areas of our lives. Lessons are specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.

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